Residential Moves

Moving to a new home is always an exciting experience. But it can also be stressful and complicated. Moving to Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States, can present even more challenges than just getting your things from point A to point B. Luckily, experienced residential movers in Los Angeles will take all of this stress away for you! If you’re thinking about moving to LA soon or if you’ve recently moved here yourself, here’s what you need to know about hiring a mover in LA.


It’s that time of year again! Your lease is up, and you’re moving. Maybe it’s to a new apartment, and perhaps it’s out of state for one reason or another. In any case, there are some things you need to know and you need to have personal moving plan before you get started on your move. 

As you might already know, moving is a process that takes up much time and energy. The last thing anyone needs when tackling such an important task is added stress or confusion. So here are some things to consider before your residential move starts:

-How big is my new apartment/home?

-Do I have any friends in the vicinity who can help me with residential move?

-Do I have any family members who can help out?

If you answered no to all of these questions, it might be time to hire residential moving services. Not only does hiring professional movers take away the stress and confusion that comes with moving, but there are also loads of benefits associated with this option. For example, you’ll save time and money by not having to move everything yourself. Not only that but hiring residential moving services can also protect you from potential injury or harm.


-Before your move, you’ll want to make sure all of your belongings are packed. Boxes should be labeled clearly to easily be found once it comes time for unloading them at their new destination. You might also consider hiring professional residential movers that provide packing services as well.

-You will need to tell the residential moving company where you’re moving to and get an accurate estimate of the time it will take them to arrive.

-You’ll want to make sure you’ve got some cash on hand when your movers show up, as this is how they tend to be paid (in most cases). You might also need a check or two if you don’t have enough cash on hand.

-Remember to leave your movers a tip if they’ve done an exceptional job! This goes a long way in making sure you can hire them again for future moves and that other people will also have the same excellent moving experience.



We all know that person who waits until the last possible moment to start packing and moving. Don’t be this person! You might end up accidentally forgetting things or packing items that you don’t need.

Not having enough cash

Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to get their hands on a checkbook, much less make it to an ATM in the midst of moving process. Having a little extra cash on hand will make it easier for you to pay your movers and tip them if they’ve done an exceptional job!

Moving items that are broken or unusable

This is another common mistake people tend to make when residential moving. If something isn’t working, don’t bother bringing it with you because chances are it won’t be any use to you in your new home.

Contacting the wrong household moving company

A lot of people assume that just because a moving company has signed up all over town, they’re trustworthy and have good reviews online. Not always! Look for reviews on their website or call some past customers before making your final decision about which residential moving companies to hire.


There are a lot of benefits associated with hiring a professional mover when you’re going through the entire moving process of relocating your home or apartment, whether it’s across town or out of state. Not only will this help save you from potential injury or harm, but it’ll also save you from spending all of your time and energy packing up the truck by yourself. So contact your local residential moving services today like Los Angeles Movers to schedule an appointment with one of their professional movers! You will have a stress free move with their packing and unpacking services. Aside from home moving services, we also offer businesses moving cross country.